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Troubleshooting — Leaking Bathtub

Called to diagnose why there was a wet hole appearing in the family room ceiling; Oasis by JCB Contracting Inc. was able to work with the family to discover that the plumbing for their upper floor bathtub had a leak.

With minimal cutting to the ceiling, Oasis by JCB Contracting was able to locate the problem area, replace the plumbing and stop the leaking.  A contractor was hired for the client to do the ceiling repairs.

The evidence on the ceiling that there was a leak
The first cut into the ceiling to find the problem area
Examination of the water pattern and flow of the stains on the cut piece of drywall denote what direction the leak is coming from. Used to determine where to make the next cut.
The second and final cut exposes the problem pipe. Pipe is replaced and leak resolved.