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Water Conservation Tips

Do’s & Don’ts

With the Town of Newmarket’s recent Stage 2 Water ban, we felt that the information below would be helpful to the community, courtesy of the Town of Newmarket:. They are asking for everyone’s cooperation in the unnecessary use of water.

  1. Delay any new sod laying or fertilizing
  2. If sod has been laid in the past few days, you are able to water for three weeks
  3. If pesticides or fertilizer has been laid in the past few days you are able to water your lawn 45 minutes (one-time) so the lawn does not burn
  4. Turn off sprinkler systems
  5. You may water flowers, trees shrubs or vegetable gardens with a watering can, but not from a hose, pipe or sprinkler
  6. New trees and shrubs can be watered during installation and for the next 24 hours
  7. No filling or topping of swimming pools
  8. Water use in construction development sites is limited to dust control and road compaction
  9. Developers are restricted from using hydrants
  10. Flushing of water mains and hydrants will continue to insure public safety and maintain water quality
  11. By-law officers will be monitoring and issuing warnings to residents who violate this ban
  12. The ban is critical to conserving adequate reservoir levels. It is important to have an ample water supply
  13. The by-law states that the Works department may turn off or restrict the supply of water to an owner or occupant of the property when they have consistently violated the lawn water ban.

Thank you for complying and helping to protect the health and safety of our community!

For a printable PDF of this information, please click here.