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Water for Tomorrow

Water Efficient Toilet Rebate Program

Continuing through 2013, York Region will be offering rebates to York Region residents on the purchase of eligible water efficient toilets.

Single family home owners in York Region purchasing an eligible water efficient toilet on or after May 1st 2009 can receive a rebate.

York Region has selected the WaterSense guidelines for use in York Region’s Water for Tomorrow toilet rebate program for single family residences. The WaterSense guidelines are the most stringent in their water efficiency and waste removal requirements. This will provide residents with the most proven water saving-fixtures on the market.

The WaterSense guidelines require that:

    • Single flush toilets have a flush volume less than or equal to 4.8 litres
    • Dual flush toilets have: (1) A full flush volume of less than or equal to six litres OR (2) A reduced flush volume of less than or equal to 4.1 litres
    • Both single flush and dual flush toilets clear a minimum of 350 grams of waste.

    For a list of eligible toilets and more information please click here